Launches Online Boat Show

Today, everyone and their neighbor claims to have a “virtual boat show” – but of course they are only the boats that they are selling. There is only one true boat show that has extensive videos of over 2,700 boats – and over 3,500 boats on display: So, you can inspect the boats with our knowledgeable, objective captains as your guides – instead of a salesperson.

Now, people that planned on attending the Spring boat shows can do the next best thing from the comfort of their home. includes all of the boats, test numbers, videos, and Captain’s Reports available on, plus it displays hundreds of boats that we have not tested or inspected, giving their basic specs, pictures, and sometimes even their builders’ commentary. also includes used boats, and most have videos and Captain’s Report inspections that we made when the boats were new.

The price of admission is simply to be a logged-in Member of If you are not a member, it costs nothing to join.

Start walking the docks here…

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