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Mobile Marine Weather

Buoyweather makes it easy to choose points, set favorites, and access marine weather forecasts, charts and data on your phone or tablet. After choosing an ocean point and viewing a Marine Forecast, a Wind & Swell Trend, Wind & Swell Data, Weather Data, Wind Speed Chart, Swell Height, Swell Period, Surface Pressure, Satellite Image, Water Temperature, and Nearest Tide Station are all available on our mobile marine weather website via the "Tools" tab at the bottom. Any ocean point you have as "Favorites" on the website and can also produce mobile marine weather through your web enabled cell phone or iPhone.

Point your phone browser to:

Registration or Premium membership is required to use the Buoyweather mobile website. Be sure to check out this MOBILE TUTORIAL on how to set up Buoyweather mobile on your phone. You can also use THIS TOOL to automatically send buoyweather to your phone!

Email Marine Weather

Premium members can get Daily Forecast Emails. These globally available mobile marine weather daily forecast text emails are compatible with all email systems. The small email file sizes (2k) make retrieving easy for low bandwidth wireless email systems like sailmail, winlink, cellular and satellite phones. When viewing a lat/lon location marine forecast, see the "Add to Daily Email" button in the forecast navigation.

Weather Data While at Sea with OCENS

Buoyweather also provides text forecasts and charts through OCENS WeatherNet service. If you plan to access mobile weather data from a vessel at sea, consider OCENS WeatherNet, Email, and Grib Explorer programs. Especially if satellite phone is your main connection. See the OCENS website to learn more.

Marine Weather On Your Phone

Buoyweather premium members get fast, easy access to long range mobile marine weather information, click for the details!

Buoyweather premium members receive instant 7-day marine weather forecasts, and dynamic weather charts tailored to your location. Each marine weather buoy report comes with a complete set of marine charts made for your selected point(s); including wave data, wind speed, surface pressure, precipitation, air temp, humidity, dew temp and much more.

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