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Customize Your Menu

How do I customize my weather menu?

The first thing to do is pick a Buoyweather entry page. After you have taken a complete tour of the site, ask yourself, "What do I want to see first when I log on?". It may be a 7-Day Forecast, Buoy Report, Web Cam, a Weather Chart etc.. There is no need to go through the home page every time. Find the page you want to see first and save to your browsers favorites list. Use this as your entry to Buoyweather. After you have saved this page, add it to your Buoyweather favorites menu. Every content page has a link on the left that says "Add Current Page" to your Buoyweather favorites. Click that and name your point.

There are literally millions of possible forecasts and charts available to customize on Buoyweather. Whenever you find a display you would like to use in the future, add it to your Buoyweather favorites menu. You'll see your favorites list first thing as you enter Buoyweather.