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Setting Up Weather / Wave Charts

How do I customize the wave and weather charts?

The idea behind the new charting system is for you to make your own chart boundaries and add them to your Buoyweather favorites list for future use. Every regional page now has a section for "Custom Weather Charts". The links here are just a starting point. These options include Virtual Buoy centered charts or some pre-set boundaries of oceanic regions. Select the chart area you want to see. From there you should zoom in/out and change the chart center for your specific needs. When it is aligned the way you want with the chart variable you desire, add it you your Buoyweather favorites. The zoom in/out buttons are in the chart menu. To change the center, use the form on the left to alter the current VB position. This will adjust the center of the chart, or any other lat/long based display, you are looking at.