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Weather of the Past

Historical marine weather charts of wind, waves, and period for any point on earth! Ever wanted to go back in time and look at storms of the past? Buoyweather members have access to these historical marine weather events. This is a special feature you'll only find on Buoyweather. The charts are dynamically created to your exact needs. They can be centered anywhere in the world, zoomed in or out, and you choose the date.

We have over ten years of wave, wind, and period data that can be charted for any point on Earth. Knowing historical marine weather is key to forecasting the future. You can compare previous storms where the outcome is recorded with what you see in our current forecast charts. This provides valuable insight. You will definitely not find this type of historical marine weather anywhere else!

Marine Weather History Links

North Pacific - South Pacific
North Atlantic - South Atlantic
North Indian - South Indian
Indonesia - Australia/New Zealand
Europe - China - Japan

These examples are just starting points. Buoyweather charts can be centered on any lat/long position and zoomed to meet your needs. Historical marine weather charts and data are only available to Buoyweather members. Click here to become a Buoyweather member.

Notable Historical Marine Weather

In January 1998, a storm in the Pacific Ocean brought 70 foot breaking waves to the Hawaiian Islands.

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Time Series Hindcasts

If you are researching a potential construction site, oil drilling location, insurance claim, or environmental issue, we can produce the detailed historical marine weather hindcasts you need. Our data files contain significant wave height, primary wave direction, primary wave period, wind speed, and wind direction in comma delimited format. These are easily imported into spreadsheet programs for further analysis.

We can now produce time series hindcasts in text format for any Virtual Buoy point. Because of the customized nature of this feature and the labor involved, it is not included with a Buoyweather membership. Output is only created by special request and there is an additional fee.

To check for available data, visit the regional forecast page from the main menu and click on a Virtual Buoy in the area you need data. At the bottom of the graph forecast page you will see a link "Historical Data" which will provide pricing and information about the data available.

Premium Historical Marine Weather

Buoyweather premium members get fast, easy access to long range marine weather information, click for the details!

Past weather data inquiry projects: Historical weather data estimates.
Buoyweather premium members receive instant 7-day marine weather forecasts, and dynamic weather charts tailored to your location. Each marine weather buoy report comes with a complete set of marine charts made for your selected point(s); including wave data, wind speed, surface pressure, precipitation, air temp, humidity, dew temp and much more.

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