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How Accurate is your Historical Data?

Our data is extremely accurate, but remember, this is modeled data and not actual "observed" data, so there will always be some variations in the accuracy. That being said, the WAVEWATCH III model data has proven to be very accurate over time and is historically the most accurate global ocean model ever developed.

What Format is the data in?

The data is typically provided in an excel spreadsheet and also in comma delimited text format. You can download a sample text file here Other formats (GRIB, NetCDF, GRADS) are available upon request. We also generate Wind/Wave Rose Plots, Exceedence and Return Plots.

How much does it cost?

Pricing varies depending on the dataset required and the time span needed. Contact us at for a quote.

We also offer special consulting for projects that need more detailed analysis and modeling of present or historical ocean/weather data. For an example report/analysis prepared by Buoyweather, click here - Historical Weather Report. Also, to read more about specialized consulting provided by our team, click here - Custom Consulting.

What are your Payment & Delivery terms?

The standard method of payment is via PayPal in which we accept credit cards. In the event a credit card cannot be used, payment can be made via bank wire transfer on request. The data files will be sent via email or a link and in most cases will be delivered within one business day -- orders placed early in the day may be filled the same day.

How do I Choose Historical Ocean Data Points?

The historical WAVEWATCH III model data is on a variably spaced grid where higher resolution data is available in different areas of the world - outlined above. Contact us with the location you need and we can determine the closest valid grid point for you and also give suggestions where necessary.

Things to consider when choosing and analyzing points

  • Points must be on the model grid and over water. We will verify that your point is valid before charging you. Higher spatial resolution data is often available in various parts of the world - contact us with the point of interest and we will suggest the best option for you.
  • Tropical Cyclones may not be fully resolved depending on the event, so the full effects of tropical storms, hurricanes, and typhoons may not be apparent. Global scale models often lack the resolution to fully estimate winds around tropical systems.