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Mid Atlantic 500,000

Mid Atlantic 500 Facts:

  • Held August 21st-26th, Ocean City Maryland
  • Boats may leave from either Cape May, New Jersey or Ocean City, Maryland
  • All fish must be weighed at the oficial scale at Harbour Island Marina in Ocean City, Maryland
  • Boats may pass the sea buoy of their departure inlet no earlier than 4:30 a.m.
  • All fish must be weighed at either the Canyon Club, cape May, New Jersey or Sunset Marina, Ocean City, Maryland
  • There are Five (5) available fishing days for the tournament. Boats may fish any three (3) of the five available fishing days
  • Release and overall weight divisions

Mid Atlantic 500,000

The Mid Atlantic $500,000 held August 21st-26th is one of the largest fishing tournaments on the eastern seaboard with prizes totalling $500,000. Fishing takes place out of two ports, Cape May, New Jersey and Ocean City, Maryland. Boats may weigh fish in at either Cape May, or Ocean City weigh stations. Three separate Calcutta divisions boost the total purse in excess of $1,750,000. Calcuttas are shared between heaviest white marlin(1st-3rd place), Heaviest Blue Marlin (1st-3rd place) and Heaviest Tuna (1st-3rd place). The minimum weight of White Marlin is 56lbs, minimum weight for blue marlin is 400lbs and the minimum weight for tuna is 50lbs (Yellowfin, Bigeye or True Albacore).

Boats fishing the Mid Atlantic 500 must use circle hooks when deploying natural baits or natural bait-artificial lure combinations. This regulation allows the use of "J" hooks with artificial lures in tournaments. There are no recreational circle hook requirements outside of billfish tournaments. The National Marine Fisheries Service defines a circle hook as a hook originally designed and manufactured so that the point of the hook is turned perpendicularly back towards the shank of the hook to form a generally circular or oval shape. The unique curved shape of a circle hook, essentially like that of a capital "G" helps prevent it from catching in the gut or throat of a fish, where it can cause significant internal injury.

For more information refer to the official tournament website-

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Mid Atlantic 500,000 Weather Forecast and Fishing Data

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Mid Atlantic 500,000 Fishing Tips

  • Check the for 7 day wind and swell forecasts for the area offshore of New Jersey and the Delmarva Penninsula. This will give you a good idea of what conditions to expect and where to fish during the tournament.

  • Blue Marlin and White Marlin can often be found feeding close to the surface in water temperatures between 72 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Check SST and Altimetry charts to find temperature breaks within the tournament boundary. Current breaks hold bait and serve as natural migratory pathways for bait and the Pelagics that feed on them

  • Look for eddies that will bring clear blue water into the areas offshore of New Jersey and the Delmarva Peninsula that will often hold higher than normal concentrations of Blue Marlin, White Marlin and tuna.

  • Dead-Bait Spreads with dredges combined with two lures are the preferred method of catching White and Blue Marlin in the Mid Atlantic 500.