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Fishing Tools and Forecasts

As a Buoyweather Premium member, you have access to all the charts and data needed to make the right decisions before heading out on the water.

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Fishing tools available to Premium members on Buoyweather:

Sea Surface Temperature (SST) - We've gathered the best ocean temperature models available from US Navy, NASA and the HYCOM project. They differ in resolution and update timing, but all ingest multiple satellite readings first and then fill in the cloud gaps so you always get a complete image. Our unique fishing charts system allows you to custom center, zoom in/out right on the areas you fish.

Chlorophyll - High amounts of chlorophyll in the water are generally associated with plankton concentrations. Baitfish feed on plankton and many pelagic species will be attracted to these areas. The borders between high plankton concentrations (yellow/orange) and clear water (blues) are generally considered the best fishing locations and are visible on the chlorophyll charts.

Moon/Sun Phase - For all locations, moon rise/set and sun rise/set are available as well as moon phase.

Tides - Tide data is limited to fixed stations around the world. Our system will use your latitude/longitide to find nearby locations. Most populated areas have stations nearby.

Salinity - Use salinity data to help make informed decisions on the best areas to locate target species.

Mixed Layer Depth -This information can be used to determine thermoclines and the proper depth at which to set your gear to target specific species.

Altimetry - Altimetry charts can be used to detect Sea Surface Height anomalies (SSH). Fish are often found in the slightly positive upwelling areas located on the outskirts of either the high or low anomalies, not in the centers of strong highs & lows. Look for the frontal zones between upwellings and downwellings (low SSH).

Ocean Currents - Currents moving into bottom structure like ledges and canyons can cause upwellings of nutrients and attract baitfish and the larger gamefish that prey on them.

7-day Wind, Wave and Weather Forecasts - Our custom 7-day wind, wave and weather summary helps you quickly plan ahead to avoid uncomfortable or unsafe conditions. What makes our system unique is the ability to receive forecast data for your exact fishing location. Most marine forecasts generalize for a huge area. Using our Google map interface or by entering your lat/lon coordinates, you will receive the 7-day forecast and fishing charts centered on the area where you plan to fish.

Wind, Wave and Weather Charts - These charts are custom centered on your fishing location and provide a complete 7-day graphical view to complete the weather outlook.

To access any of these fishing charts and data, go to your fishing location using the navigation menu at the top of this page on the left. Once you have clicked on your exact latitude/longitude, the fishing tool options will appear to the left. Try it out now!